Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Frequently Asked Questions

General What is Controlled Remote Viewing? What do you "SEE" in a session? Can a CRVer's results be influenced by someone else? Can you make me believe that CRV actually works? What makes CRV work? How do CRV and Dowsing relate? How does CRV relate to the Out of Body Experience? Is this CRV stuff overrated? Can your imagination mess things up? A word about scientific evaluation. Can you access the thoughts of people? Can a CRVer work alone? Can a CRVer ever identify things? Do you just see what you want to see? What are some applications for CRV? Can CRV be targeted against subspace beings and UFOs? Have you viewed ________? Are there any dangers to learning CRV?
Training How do you score session results? Are children better at learning CRV than adults? Does telepathy figure into group training?
Techniques How important is the Tasker's intent in the process of CRV? What is the proper sequence and pace of a CRV session? What is front loading?
History Did STAR GATE use biofeedback?