Controlled Remote Viewing

across time & space

The Project Manager's Course

The CRV Project Manager's course covers those tasks and duties a person needs in order to sucessfully manage the remote viewers, monitors, analysts, and report writers. Since the Project Manager is quite often required to interface with the customer, customer-relation tools are also covered.

Topics Covered:

  • Management's Responsibilities:
  • Management of a CRV effort is different from normal management in a myriad of ways. Conduct and handling of these specialized personnel and the information they produce can be a minefield from which the unwary and untrained manager may never return. Differences, pitfalls, preventive measures, special techniques and moral, legal, social and corporate responsibilities are covered in great detail.

  • How to Manage for Best Return and Maximum Efficiency:
  • The manager student learns the proper methods for maximizing the product of the CRV effort.

  • How to Deal With Taskers:
  • Special problems arise when taskers are not aware of the information's source, or have erroneous understandings of the CRV process and what it can/cannot do. Problems and techniques for handling taskers and the tasking they provide is covered in detail. The "garbage in - garbage out" principle is most important.

  • How to Interface the CRV Effort with the Public / Press / Chain of Command:
  • Many problems can be prevented through a properly conducted effort of aggressive intervention. Potential problems, their causes and cures are covered.

  • How to Select CRV Personnel:
  • This is perhaps the most important and the most surprising portion of the Manager's course.

  • How to Maintain CRV Personnel Proficiency:
  • This is normally another surprising aspect of the Manager's course, since normal procedures used for other types of employee proficiency are usually inadequate for the maintenance of CRV proficiency. Methods, principles involved, and maintenance programs are covered.

  • Job Performance Evaluation:
  • Job performance evaluations for viewers and monitors is one of the Project Manager's largest headaches. It is sometimes impossible to evaluate a Controlled Remote Viewer's results until years after a session takes place. Evaluation cannot be made on the basis of results. Yet, managers who base their evaluations on strictly personal and subjective factors almost inevitably wind up destroying the CRV effort. Special problems and techniques are covered in detail.