Controlled Remote Viewing

across time & space

The Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing Course

Topics Covered:

  • Scalar Determinations (Degree of/Amount of/Value of/etc.):
  • Such conceptual aspects as distance in kilometers or miles, value in kopecks, etc., are not natural information structures, and exist only as social constructs. These are difficult aspects of a site to access and report accurately. Methods of reducing the task to small, easily accomplished increments are taught and practiced.

  • Detailed Physical Attributes and Relationships:
  • The student learns new methods for accessing extremely detailed information from the site and ways to combine previously learned techniques to handle seemingly insurmountable tasks.

  • 3-Dimensional Relationships and Characteristics:
  • Access of physical relationships is enhanced as the student learns how to "perceive in 3-D". Clay modeling and other techniques are used as a working medium as the student learns to access even more detailed information from the site.

  • Connections (Physical and Non-Physical) in Time and Space:
  • The most advanced form of relationships are those which exist only in time, very distant locations, or a combination of both. The student learns search methods which identify such "thread" relationships. Once identified, special methods of access and reporting are covered.

  • Advanced Conceptual Aspects( Implications of / Ramifications of / etc.):
  • Accessing and describing conceptual aspects of the target site is carried one step further, venturing into possible vs probable futures while keeping the viewing process clean of imagination and/or logical reasoning.

  • Detailed Drawing and Mapping Techniques:
  • Methods are taught for using site contact to produce much more detailed drawings and even maps and/or site/construction plans. The student is led through increasing levels of complexity and difficulty, finally reaching a stage of tasking requiring details of components located inside intricate machinery.