Controlled Remote Viewing

across time & space

CRV Services

P>S>I has a body of trained Controlled Remote Viewers upon which it can call to do remote viewing work for the general public, corporations, and public agencies. The work of these viewers is databased and evaluated in order to establish and maintain a "track record" of their proficiency, as well as to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Through the use of these viewers and a professional staff, P>S>I has been of benefit to private individuals, businesses, scientific organizations, and public-service agencies, such as police departments and other levels of government.

P>S>I is also fully equipped to establish, train, and maintain in-house Controlled Remote Viewing units of the level and quality as that used by the U.S. government for over a quarter century. For more information on that service, Click here

Previous clients have found that by using our services they are able to realize a savings in manpower, time and expense, and have used our services repeatedly. Although most projects involve complex questions and several retaskings, a project involving one question and no retasking can be completed in as little as five days.

We offer complete security for the infomation which is developed and do not use our customer's names or information without the customer's permission. Security for the developed information is one of our most important services.

For an example of our work in the scientific Research and Development (R&D) field, please read one of our reports (used here with the customer's permission). That sample report can be read and/or downloaded (right click) by clicking Click here