Controlled Remote Viewing

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Controlled Remote Viewing Team Training

Businesses often have the need to gain insight into possible challenges in contract negotiations, new product development and many other daily business operations. Because this information is often proprietary, the company would prefer not to outsource the task of investigating.

P>S>I is fully equipped to develop a complete in-house remote viewing team using the company's, corporate's, agency's or department's own personnel. This in-house team becomes the equivalent of the U.S. government's remote viewing unit, and in fact, also incorporates improvements learned through the years of that program's operations.

A project team consists of more than just excellent viewers. Properly trained Project Managers, Monitors and Analysts are essential to the successful execution of a "real-world" project. Training for in-house projects begins with corporate education in operations security, to include security issues for having and using the project team as well as its information. Corporate or "chain of command" managers are trained in the proper selection of personnel, and the proper use of this resource, as well as its security issues.

P>S>I's director, Lyn Buchanan, was one of the trainer's for the U.S. government's remote viewing program. He has a background which gives him the unique ability of training all aspects of a remote viewing operation.

For more information, or if you would like to discuss this possibility in greater detail, please contact us by contacting our Project Coordinator.

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