Controlled Remote Viewing

across time & space

The Post Graduate Controlled Remote Viewing Courses

Topics Covered:

  • The student's special interests:
  • Everyone who comes to remote viewing comes with some goal in mind, even if it is just curiosity about how it can be used. Once CRV is learned, the viewer moves their skills into applications. Sometimes, the applications of interest to the viewer might take specialized skills and/or training. If so, the Post Graduate CRV course will be individually designed to meet those special needs the viewer must have in order to meet the challenges of the application they are interested in. For example, when working with the police, you must know how to deal with police investigators, with the department politics, policies, and environments in which they are forced to work, etc. Working for doctors, you must learn to "speak medical-ese". Working with archeologists, treasure hunters, and underwater salvage people, you must learn the demands of their trades, in order to provide them with information which they can actually use. Most of your "customers" will not hire you for on-the-job training. You must be prepared ahead of time in order to sell your abilities to them.

  • The student's special abilities:
  • The Post Graduate Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) courses are specifically tailored to meet the special talents evidenced by an advanced Controlled Remote Viewer or group of Viewers. It zeroes in on those special talents and abilities which have surfaced as the student has progressed through the previous training regimen. It is at this level of functioning where a student is introduced to much more complex tasks, such as those which will be presented to him/her by the real world.

    Possible subjects of specialization can include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Applications:
  • Previously learned methods for identification of the target person's logical and emotional motivations and their relationships to the actual thought processes are integral to this training. Previous mastery of methods for controlling the influence of one's own imagination and the imagination of the target person are also necessary. This type of access provides the possibility of two-way communication.

    The ability to access another person at his/her deepest levels provides the opportunity to guide and assist that person as he/she overcomes psychological, emotional, or emotionally-induced physical problems. It also provides the ability to provide personality assessments, and to determine a person's plans and intentions. During this course specialized techniques are covered for facilitating the process. Risks and dangers which have been identified by past practitioners of this type of controlled remote viewing and the methods to prevent and/or overcome the risks are dealt with both in principle and practice.

  • An in-depth study of the remote viewing process, itself:
  • Many people who learn CRV simply become fascinated with the process, itself, the understanding of the human mind that it provides, and the implications and ramifications it has for such things as developing the human potential within all of us. A special Post Graduate course goes into the depths of the process.

  • A class for natural psychics:
  • CRV was designed for the military in order to allow them to use non-psychic people to perform as psychics, simply because there is an admitted governmental stigma against such use. That is a shame, because many people with a lot of natural talent are very good at what they do. One of the most frequently heard complaints from natural psychics, however, is that they don't have control over their abilities. Controlled Remote Viewing, however, is all about control. Once a year, student-load permitting, we have a course in control for natural psychics. Using the controls discovered during the development of the CRV process, the natural psychic learns to apply workable controls to his/her abundant natural abilities, and the result is an amazing ability under the control of the person who has it.

  • Project Management:
  • Management of a CRV effort is different from normal management in a myriad of ways. Conduct and handling of these specialized personnel and the information they produce can be a minefield from which the unwary and untrained manager may never return. Differences, pitfalls, preventive measures, special techniques and moral, legal, social and corporate responsibilities are covered in great detail.

  • Corporate In-house Remote Viewing unit:
  • We are set up to train complete Controlled Remote Viewing units within a corporation, to match that used by the U.S. government. This includes the creation of the unit, including the training of all members, education of corporate management in the use of such a unit, and the security issues involved. Topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to:
        > Operations security
        > Time and resource management
        > Customer relations
        > Public relations
        > Media relations
        > Ethics
        > Selection of personnel
        > Performance evaluation
        > Operational pitfalls
        > Analysis and use of gained information
        > On-going training