Lyn Buchanan's CRV

CRV Analogies

  1. About the Analogies
  2. A bug on the pond of time
  3. Asking the librarian for a book
  4. Bribing a dog with a dollar
  5. Finding a golden ring
  6. Learning to ride a bicycle
  7. In a dark room with a penlight
  8. Man Took Pocket Knife Back in Time
  9. Oog and Ogg
  10. Surfing the Internet
  11. The Arrest at Joe's Bar & Grillt
  12. 30th Floor of the Construction Site
  13. The blindfolded man on the corner
  14. The Blind Men and the Elephant
  15. The child genius
  16. The guest vs. the thief
  17. The juggler's effect
  18. The monk who carried a woman across the river
  19. The president of the company
  20. The teenager's room
  21. The young artist
  22. Throwing a Rock at a Pack of Dogs