Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Surfing the internet

The Analogy:

You go to the internet to gain information about, say, widgets. You find the information, but you also see that there is a reference to Ding-Dongs. You click on that reference and in reading about Ding Dongs, you see that there is information to be had on baking and recipes. That leads to health subjects, which leads to accidents, which leads to car manufacturing, which leads to insurance rates... and the surfing consumes hours of your time. It is productive time because you learn a lot about each subject, and because you also learn how to navigate the net the next time you want to learn more. Surfing, because it takes so much time, gets a bad reputation. It is actually one of the most constructive learning experiences many people have today.

But one of the main benefits of surfing the net is that people become familiar with the use of their computer, to the point where it becomes second nature to use it.

The Meaning of the Analogy:

Controlled Remote Viewing sets up a line of communication between your conscious and subconscious minds. Nobody really knows where or how the subconscious gets all that psychic information, but somehow it does, and makes it available for surfing.

Most people get a tasking and do a session to answer the tasked question or get the tasked information, and then quit. But in actual fact, the "collective consciousness" is a veritable treasure trove of information about all things and all times. It can be surfed.

"Surfing the collective" gives you more than just information. It also gives you a very good working knowledge of the tool you are using, to the point where it becomes second nature to use it.

Most people who enter remote viewing training do so to learn things about sites far distant in time and space. Few realize that the subconscious also has information about where you left your car keys, what your phone number was or the names of your friends when you were 5 years old. It has what you actually heard someone say, not what you consciously remember them saying. It knows why you do those things you don't know why you do. In short, limiting the use of Controlled Remote Viewing to Parapsychology alone is to use only a fraction of its abilities. It can do so much more. But first, you have to get to where it becomes second nature to use it.