Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Finding a Golden Ring

The Analogy:

Let's say that you are digging in your back yard and find a golden ring. You will go and tell everyone you know about the wonderful windfall.

But let's further say that you keep digging and find a large chest full of gold, gemstones, and other treasure. You will hide it and be very careful to tell only those select few people you can trust the most.

The Meaning of the Analogy:

When a person first comes into remote viewing, he/she is amazed at what he/she can do. The desire to show it off to friends and relatives is enormous. But once that person becomes a trained and experienced viewer, the realization of its implications makes the person think twice about who gets told.

It is for that reason that people who, say, use ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) to win the lottery or work the stock market will make a big to-do about their new plans and ideas, new theories about how to make the system work better, etc. But when the money begins to roll in and the enormity of what they are doing finally dawns on them, they get quiet and drop out of public view, drop off email lists, etc. They stop wanting people to know that they have an edge over their competitors and that they, in effect, have grown a "cash cow". The public, in its desire to hear the loudest voice, moves on to the next new "expert", and the person who has really become an expert goes on to very quietly develop a good thing into a great thing - a concept into a full-blown application - an idea into a science.

The bottom line to this analogy is that, if you want to find the people who know the most in this field, and who can do the best work, and have the most developed talents, look beyond those who are out making noise to the public. Look for the quiet ones.