Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Throwing a Rock at a Pack of Dogs

The Analogy:

There is an old bit of folk advice which says, "When you chuck a rock at a pack of dogs, watch to see which one gets the maddest, barks the loudest and starts biting everything around it. That'll be the one you hit, square on."

The Meaning of the Analogy:

Sadly, it is the normal experience of everyone getting into Controlled Remote Viewing to become the target of some very serious anger. It is part and parcel of being involved in a scientific field which is looked on with suspicion and ignorance by so many.

To make matters worse, you get it from all sides. Those who do not believe in psi abilities feel the need to challenge you again and again and again. They have to do so to protect their belief system. Those who do believe in psi abilities and practice their own form of it believe that they have gained a handle on what it is and how it works, and they feel the need to protect the belief system which they have established over the years. Those who fear it, either out of ignorance, religious beliefs, fear and personal guilt, or any other purpose, must protect themselves from you at all costs.

It is therefore very common for a person who comes to understand and use the principles of Controlled Remote Viewing to make a statement in simple honesty and to suddenly be faced with a snarling personal attack.

When this happens to you, you will almost always react with bewilderment and confusion. But if you think about it, what has happened is that your words have hit them directly in some very tender spot and they have reacted to that pain by attacking you. If, instead of reacting back with anger or recoiling from the situation and hiding or apologizing, you realize the situation for what it is, you will get along much better. The situation is that you have uncovered some weak spot in their belief system. It is something that they have protected for years, since it is a weak spot in their armor. Now, you have dared hit them where it hurts.

Realizing that they are hurting and that the armor of their belief system has a tear in it, you are better able to help them either strengthen that spot or open their armor to achieve freedom from it.

When you make a statement from your understanding of the human mind and it is met with anger, accusations, and flames, you should realize that you have a chance to help someone - to talk to them about why they feel that way - to help them see what they are protecting and hiding - usually from themselves.