Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Learning to Ride a Bicycle

The Analogy:

Learning to do Controlled Remote Viewing is very much like learning to ride a bicycle.

The Meaning of the Analogy:

While this analogy is very simple, it has many implications:

>> Learning to do Controlled Remote Viewing involves many falls and scrapes to the ego.

>> It takes a lot of practice with training wheels before you can get all the various processes learned well enough to make it all work smoothly. It seems like you will never get rid of those training wheels and ride with the big boys.

>> It involves learning to balance the jobs and participation of the conscious and subconscious minds to the point where they can work together effortlessly.

>> It involves learning when your mind should pedal and when to coast. (You can over-do remote viewing and basically wear yourself out mentally.)

>> It involves learning how to steer yourself through a target to get from one point to another.

>> It involves learning how to concentrate on your destination to the exclusion of interesting and attractive things you may encounter along the way.

>> And finally, there is another way in which learning CRV is like learning to ride a bike:

In the beginning, you have to concentrate on the process, and performing the process well enough to keep from hurting yourself is reward enough. But then comes the day when you no longer have to think about the process. In fact, thinking about the process hinders your progress of it. You have learned to ride. From that point on, it is the destination, not the process, which becomes the reward and the joy. From then on, the world is at your beck and call. You can go anywhere.