Lyn Buchanan's CRV

The Arrest at Joe's Bar and Grill

The Analogy:

Let's say that you are asked to remote view the location where a certain criminal will be at 9PM tonight. You do your session and come up with the result, "He will be at Joe's Bar and Grill, eating dinner."

The police go to Joe's Bar at 8:30PM and hide in the bushes in order to surprise the criminal when he comes up. At 8:45PM, he walks up, the police spring into action, and at 9PM, the criminal is securely in jail.

But you had predicted that the criminal would be at Joe"s Bar and Grill at 9 PM. So, in fact, both you and your viewing were wrong.

To make things worse, if you had predicted that he would be in jail at 9 PM, the police would not have gone out to Joe"s Bar and Grill, and the criminal would have been safely eating supper there, not in jail. Your prediction would still have been wrong.

The Meaning of the Analogy:

The police are happy because they were able to catch the criminal. Any of the criminal's victims are happy because the criminal is in jail. You get a reward, so you are happy on a conscious level. But on a subconscious level, you are uncomfortably aware that when the police took action on your viewing of a future event, it changed the future, and in so doing, made your prediction wrong.

In reality, the very people for whom you predict the future will often steps to change it, and by doing so, make your prediction wrong. Even when you you look into your own future, you will usually take steps to change it.

This situation is called "Paradoxical tasking". It is the reason most people will tell you that predictive viewing is much less accurate than viewing the present or past. It is called "Paradoxical tasking ", because it is not the viewing (or the psychic prediction) that is at fault - it is the tasking. For example, if the tasking had been: "Tell us when and where to send the police to catch the criminal tonight", the same information, whether acted on or not, would have been correct, the criminal would have been caught, and everyone - even your own subconscious - would be just as happy.

This has been a trap which has snared many a psychic and/or remote viewer, lured to disaster by the Siren song of money or fame for anyone who can "prove" that psychic functioning is real. A debunker will, for example, task you to describe the hidden item he will reveal. But in reality, he will have two items hidden. If you correctly describe one, he will always reveal the other, thereby "proving&' to everyone that you are a crackpot and that psychic functioning is bunk. In other words, he will intentionally use tasking that can be acted on to make you wrong. Even if he is caught in his deception, he will argue that if you could really see the future, you would have known he would switch them and would still have described the one he revealed. It is a good sounding argument, but anyone with critical thinking would realize that his debunking is, itself, bunk.

For more on this point, see the analogy entitled, A Bug on the Pond of Time.

NOTE: When this is done to you, it offends your subconscious mind and often, you it will not work favorably for that customer, again. But, if you do it to yourself, it can be a very useful tool. For example, if you look to see where you are going to be at, say, 5PM this afternoon, and you find that you will be in the morgue, having been in a car wreck, you can change your plans and stay home. When "paradoxical tasking" is used to find and change unfavorable futures, or to prevent you from making bad decisions, it can actually be a very beneficial remote viewing tool.