Lyn Buchanan's CRV

30th Floor of the Construction Site

The Analogy:

Let's say that you have hired onto a construction gang which is building a high-rise building which presently consists of only the skeleton of what it is to become.

Your first day on the job, you are instructed to work on the 30th floor, where there are nothing except girders, planks and equipment. Further, you are instructed to load a wheel barrow with some heavy material and take it to a worker across a plank which is stretched between two girders.

You look at the plank. You know that if it gives way with you and the heavy wheelbarrow, you will fall to your death, 30 stories below.

You reason that it has been there for a while, and that the foreman would not have told you to go out on it unless he knew it would hold you up. Therefore, REASON that it will hold you up without giving way.

You hesitate long enough to see another worker go across the plank with a very heavy load. The guy is really fat, and must weigh fifty pounds more than you. Now, you ARE SURE that it will carry your weight.

Then, two more workers with wheelbarrows full of heavy construction material go across one after the other, so they are both on the plank at the same time. Now, you KNOW that the plank will hold you up.

But when you step out onto that plank .... that's FAITH. Then, and only then do you become a worker on the building.

The Meaning of the Analogy:

It is a great thing to learn remote viewing and to learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind. You may reach some Nirvana-like self-awareness which allows you to be "One with the All-That-Isness", etc., etc., etc. But what good is it in real life?

You can do session after session of pictures in envelopes and get so good at it that you can win bets, or convince anyone that psychic functioning exists, and that you can do it. But what good is it in real life?

But if you learn this skill, the day inevitably arrives when you are asked to find a missing child or help someone with their future plans. The day comes when you want to know the future outcome of plans of your own. This is the day when you are faced with "walking the plank", so to speak, and putting your money, your reputation, or your caring on the line.

There is only one bit of advice I can give you for that day.... take the step. It will hold you.

This analogy also ties in very well with the analogy of The Child Genius