Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Is This CRV Stuff Overrated?


....This is the stuff of science fiction, Star Trek or Heavy Metal, not real life. The capacity to "view" history alone will turn many prevalent notions on their heads. It opens up the most wonderful can of worms. My gut tells me that I am giving too much power to this skill because of my ignorance of it. Am I overrating CRV? On the other hand, because the universe is more complex than I could consciously imagine, I tend to think that I am not. I think what I am asking is, are you people overrating CRV to the public?


It has always struck me that people who are REALLY "psychic" (or REALLY anything else) always get confused when people who "aren't" make a big deal out of it. For them, it's a normal thing, and although they get used to peoples' reactions, there is always an amazement that the other people can't do the same. If you ever watched the old show, "Kung Fu", you might remember the "grasshopper at your feet" scene, when the student told the blind master, "I am amazed that you can see these things, when you have no eyes." And the blind master replied, "I am amazed that you have eyes, and cannot."

Of those people who have been WELL trained in CRV (for end application purposes, not just to do endless experiments in the lab or for looking into things which have no feedback), the amazement does continue, but with the growth, there is rarely a feeling that they are doing some miracle or something impossible. I don't think I've met a well-trained CRVer who isn't fascinated with it, but who doesn't also accept it as being nothing really special. A few of the military CRVers have spoken out and told of their involvement in the project, but there are more who are now living in their 2.5 bedroom houses with their 2.5 children and who are most satisfied with their "normal" lives. They might be able to do what other people would call miracles, but to them, it's really just another part of the day, or just a tool to call on when needed. They can find lost children, reveal the plans and intentions of foreign leaders, predict the progress and outcome of battles, or describe the insides of concealed bunkers and safe drawers, if needed. But until then, there's dinner to be made, or the lawn to be mowed. I think that if you asked each one whether or not you were overrating CRV, each would answer, "Well, yes and no."