Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

About Scientific Evaluation


This wasn't actually a question from a reader, but I received an envelope yesterday which invited me, by name, to join CSICOPS (the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal). Inside was a form letter which had a list of names down the left side of the page, obviously designed to impress me. It was a rather impressive list of leading scientists. In the center, the letter started with recent "National Inquirer"-type headlines, one of which was:


Below that, the letter to me began to "debunk" each of the headlines in what attempted to be a scientific-sounding manner. The one about Bigfoot was debunked with the following statement:

"The Bigfoot tracks in Oregon were either planted by a Forest Service patrolman who reported the sighting and admitted to previously faking Bigfoot footprints or by a human with very large feet."


I didn't get the sudden urge to send a lot of my money so I could join.

Controlled Remote Viewing is "scientifically based", but in light of the above, I would like to stress that it is not the same "scientific" as that evidenced by CSICOPS - which is, in fact, no science at all. I hope that the reputation of Controlled Remote Viewing never drops to the level shown in their letter.

However, I continually hear people saying that they are Remote Viewers "like those used by the CIA", and upon questioning, find that they haven't the slightest idea what CRV actually is. One person wrote that he had learned "Military Remote Viewing like the CIA used to use". His teacher's name is probably only known to the US government through tax returns. Just today, I received an email asking about a person in Washington State who is teaching a Remote Viewing course and is evidently, by inference, if not by direct claims, trying to tie his training to the "CRV which was used by the US government."

Another teacher is a student of someone who was proven to be most decidedly unscientific in his training and protocols, and yet is calling the offerings "controlled remote viewing" (Not capitalized, so it supposedly doesn't violate Ingo's proprietary ownership), and is even calling the group of graduates "The Unit" - making it sound like it has ties to the government project because that is what the ex-military members call the military unit which existed at Fort Meade, MD.

Please bear with me while I once again mount my soapbox and yell for all to hear: "Remote Viewing and Controlled Remote Viewing are not in any way the same thing!" "Remote Viewing" (RV) is the modern buzz-word for "psychic", and includes clairvoyance, mental telepathy, dowsing, palm reading, aura reading, and the whole gamut of other psychic disciplines. CONTROLLED Remote Viewing is one form of Remote Viewing, and one of the disciplines within the range. However, that doesn't mean that all forms of Remote Viewing (RV) - meaning being psychic - are the same as Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV).

The differences between CRV and the other forms of RV are as vast as the differences between day and night.

What then, are those differences? CRV differs from "normal" (if you can call paranormal normal) psychic functioning in several ways, only a few of which are given here:

  • Every step of the CRV process is STRICTLY controlled and must follow a set, established, formal structure.
  • CRV does not depend on natural talent, but on training. It can be performed by anyone off the street, after proper training.
  • The CRV process is formalized. It is performed the same by all CRVers with such regularity that a CRV analyst can take the session transcript of a CRVer he/she has never met, and instantly understand the session content and analyze it for hidden information, for answers to tasked questions, and for errors.
  • The STRUCTURE of the CRVer's transcript indicates where the CRVer's errors are. The analyst is not left to LOGICALLY figure out what fits and what doesn't.
  • The CRVer is not allowed to have any contact with the person whose question must be answered.
  • If there is any "frontloading" at all, it must be so neutrally worded as to give no information about the target or the question being asked about the target. For example, the monitor may start the session by saying, "The target is a location." The monitor would NEVER tell the viewer anything more than that.
  • The CRVer is NEVER allowed to ask questions, and is rarely ever given any other starting information than a target number. For example, "The target is target number 960011 / 123456. Describe the target." The CRVer must gain all information from there on, no questions allowed, and nothing more is told to the CRVer about the target throughout the entire span of the session.
  • Practioners of other forms of RV often try to tell the person who has come to them what the perceptions mean. This is not so with the CRVer. If, at any time, a CRVer draws a conclusion, the session must be stopped while the CRVer clears the conclusion out of his/her mind, and that information is set aside and later held in question by the CRV analyst.
  • CRV is not a "feel good" or "get in touch with the universe (or yourself)" kind of process. It's primary purpose is for gathering valuable and practical information, for answering questions. CRV is real-world and real-life oriented, not ethereal and universe oriented.
  • RV attempts to retrieve concepts. CRV attempts to retrieve facts. An RVer, using another discipline, may tell you that you will meet a tall, dark stranger. A CRVer tries to tell you when and where, and what his name will be.
  • While natural psychics were found to be helpful by various branches of the government and military, they were also found to be largely undisciplined, non-standardized, and were found to have widely fluctuating dependability ratings. Little, if any, statistical analysis of their results was capable, so evaluations of their "track records" were generally made by the feelings and undisciplined estimations of those who used them, and who tended to remember the successes and forget the failures. CRVers, by their very definition, are disciplined, their work was standardized, and their dependability ratings can be known from databased track records which include both successes and failures, accurately analyzed and scored to two decimal places.
  • Other forms of RV deserve the praise and credit which they have rightfully earned. In spite of what the CSICOPs would try to trick you into believing, other forms of RV have a proven track record in laboratories which have rigorously and scientifically studied the phenomena. I have never known a CRVer to belittle true natural talent, and such will not happen on this page. I have yet to meet a CRVer who has not wished that he/she had more of this natural talent. While CRV does use a person's natural abilities, it brings it out through scientifically controlled means.
  • In short, other forms of RV are art- or talent-based. CRV is a DISCIPLINE. Anyone who is willing to stick with the practice can do it.
  • CRV doesn't depend on the illogic of believers or the illogic of disbelievers. It is databasable, and each viewer's track record stands on cold, hard, well-proven records.