Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

What Are Some Applications For CRV?


> ....I resist the "factual" potential of CRV. If one thinks for a moment on the social, political, religious, historical and revolutionary capacity of CRV it is not too difficult to begin to wonder what its potential applications are.


The great potential of CRV is, so far, mostly untapped and unexplored. To date, the main impetus in researching and developing CRV has been to provide another scientific method for collecting strategic and logistical information (as you call it, the "factual potential") in the arena of national defense. In spite of what one might think from the lack of good information and the wealth of outright disinformation which is being placed before the public, it repeatedly served that purpose, and served it very well. But no longer.

The withdrawal of federal support and funding is both a curse and a blessing to CRV. First of all, it is a curse because funding is necessary for the development of many of the new applications for which CRV would be beneficial. It is a blessing, however, because those further avenues of development weren't being investigated by CRV's past owners. The exposure of the already-developed CRV to a curious and inventive public will open up many new applications - ill funded as they might be - simply because people can have it as a new tool to use in the everyday situations of personal, business, and academic life.


1) At its most basic level, CRV is nothing more than training a person to establish a dependable, understandable, and repeatable path of communication between his/her conscious and subconscious minds. The "psychic" information comes into the subconscious, but because of lack of efficient pathways, rarely ever makes its way to consciousness. When it does, it is usually contaminated by "things" it picks up along the way. CRV training establishes and clears that path. Once people can communicate with their subconscious minds, whole new worlds of applications open up, psychological (mental health, for example) and psychophysical (sports and other physical ability enhancement - being able to achieve "the zone" on command, for example) to name only a few.

2) With my heavy background in computer science, I am convinced that it is possible to set up virtual environments where the impressions of the subconscious can be translated into graphical representations to give greater substance to their understanding. The VR environment would also allow the subconscious minds of multiple CRVers to join, interact, and strengthen each other. I have the capabilities in place to do such work. Without the huge amounts of funding, however, I fear it will not be done.

3) The Monitor's course is presently designed to teach people how to administer, help, guide, and assist the CRVer in his/her effort to bring the true subconscious impressions to the surface unpolluted, WITHOUT INJECTING INFORMATION OR BIASES INTO THE PROCESS. Only slight changes in the course would help train psychiatrists and psychologists to interact with their patients in the same way. I have found in the past months that almost all reporters and the majority of researchers are also in strong need of the same training. The Monitor's course offers hard-core, provable and repeatable methods for the prevention of such artifacts as false-memory syndrome, interviewer bias, etc.

4) As has already been started with the Assigned Witness Program, CRV offers a way to "witness" events for which there are no available witnesses. It is not limited to time or location. As such, it is a good tool for providing that crucial bit of information which would get a stalled criminal investigation back on track for normal working methods.

5) There are several trained CRVers right now, who are looking into the use of CRV as a medical diagnostic tool.

6) There is very strong evidence that CRV allows for a technique designed to influence (not change) the past. I am presently starting some research on this topic, which will hopefully allow people to affect their own past decisions. I will take as large a set of uninfluenced decisions and their outcomes as possible as baseline data, then begin a time of documenting decisions, waiting for the outcome, performing the Controlled Remote Influencing process in light of what the best decision would have been, and seeing if an overall rise in correct decisions results. I will be starting with stock market actions (buy/sell/do nothing), simply because they are so numerous, already so well documented, and provide hard and fast feedback. Also, success might help in funding. If things work out, the research may be moved into the realm of more personal decisions. Then, one distant day, IF success can be documented over thousands of trials, and years of time, it may finally become incorporated into the formalized CRV training.

7) As with any other tool Mankind has at its disposal, CRV can also be used to do some harm. I wish I knew a way around that, but I don't. I can do things to control CRV, but there is no way to control the people who leave here having learned it. People are people and always will be. Like Shane said to the little boy who asked why his mother thought guns were evil, "It ain't the gun, kid. It's the guy using it."

At the present time, I feel that the development of new applications will probably be very slow in coming. Any funded research being done is in the area of pure research, not applications research. That, in my opinion, is a huge mistake. The research people are still in the "tell me what's in the envelope" mentality in order to prove CRV's existence. Any applications developments are presently being done on by small, "shadetree"-type individuals, generally working alone, or in small, unfunded and unsupervised groups of "dabblers". The funding for past applications was, by necessity, oriented along the line of information collection on specific categories of targets, and now that funding has dried up. It looks like there is no new applications-oriented funding on the horizon. Therefore, the research that I and others are doing, goes on at a small level and will probably continue to do so while the research labs keep getting millions for predicting whether a card has a star or a wavy line. Such is the way of things.