Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

What Makes CRV Work?

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) began in the late 1970s when a natural psychic, Ingo Swann, and several other members of the American Society for Parapsychological Research (ASPR) decided to solve one of the oldest and hardest problems of psychic functioning: the fact that it is neither controllable, reliable, nor repeatable on command.

The problem is not that a person cannot be psychic. The problem is that the perceptual information is buried deeply in the mind, and often gets lost in the process of "bringing it out". In fact, the more one tries to bring it out, the more the process gets in the way, and the less gets out. What to do?

The already existing fields of psychology, physiology, and the then newly emerging fields of psychophysiology, and other mind/body fields had already developed methods for enhancing awareness of what goes on in the subconscious mind. Indeed, this is one of the major purposes of psychology.

It was actually the newly emerging field of psychophysiology which rendered the key to the solution. When there is a thought, feeling, or emotion, no matter how deeply buried, it appears to have some physical counterpart. This is the one basis upon which the whole study of "body language" has been built.

The physical reactions range from the broader, more overt expressions (such as smiling when happy and frowning when sad) to barely conscious ones (such as sweating when nervous, "goose bumps", etc.). More subtle still are the "autonomic reactions", which are controlled by the body's autonomic nervous system. These are such things as blushing when you are embarrassed, your heart beating faster when you are excited, etc. Beyond this level, there are much more subtle reactions.

More recently, it has been discovered by the psychophysiologists that people even store some memories in parts of their bodies, rather than in their minds. Massage therapists have long known that when there is a mental or emotional problem, certain muscles react by tightening, aching, or by refusing to perform their normal activities. They have also often seen that massaging, say, a person's shoulder will not only bring out the surface reaction of smiling with relief, and the autonomic reaction of muscle relaxation, but can also often bring out the causal memory or emotion, usually through visual or auditory impressions. If the patient talks about these sensations, they can then be discussed in a psychotheraputic manner and the cause can thereby be objectified and released.

Beginning with the neurophysiological connections, a system of protocols was developed to bring the information which is sensed into consciousness, for the purpose of writing it down. While this process would appear easy to do, it is extremely difficult to do WELL. The problem is that a portion of the psyche, which we can call the Namer and Guesser (NAG), feels compelled to jump on every perception and identify it. We have survived as a species through the fact that this is a very fast and well developed function of our brains.

The perceptions coming up from the subconscious mind, however, are very vague, usually consist of only partial answers, and often have double meanings. If the NAG portion of the psyche is allowed to pounce on these incoming perceptions and identify them too quickly, everything gets misinterpreted. The viewer must be trained to control his/her own psyche's strongest survival instinct before the information can "come through" in pure, uncontaminated form.

Through over 20 years of testing and learning against actual, real-world targets, the CRV originators and the people they have trained have developed the necessary procedures and protocols to do just that, and have placed them into a standardized "structure" which allows the remote viewer to purify his/her work.

It was not long after initial development that experimentation showed that the "structure" works so well that even a person who has never had any psychic experiences or "talent", if trained to follow the "structure", can produce information with the purity of most "good" psychics.