Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Can You Access The Thoughts Of People?


Is it possible for a remote viewer to view what another person is thinking and feeling?


Absolutely. Finding the plans and intentions of foreign leaders was one of the things CRV was invented for. This is not, however, something taught in the P>S>I Basic course, since it involves some rather sophisticated work, and a good deal of experience, in order to do it correctly. It is therefore taught in the Intermediate course.

I know that some other places are teaching mental access, even calling it such names as "Deep Mind Probe". What they are teaching, however, is not deep probing at all, but only elemental access of a person's personality and/or basic feelings. This would more accurately be called (and used for) "personality profiling", and is, in its own rights, a very useful ability.

Accessing a person's actual thoughts and innermost feelings, however, requires that the viewer all but integrate his/her own personality with the person being viewed. To do such a thing requires that you (the viewer) begin to identify with that person, with that person's thoughts and feelings, motivations, etc. When you do such, you become, to an extent, the same as that person in a very real way.

Therein lies the danger of what you are asking: let's say that you are viewing a criminal or other "less than desirable" person. (In the military, for example, I personally did such targets as Idi Amin, Khadafi, Saddam Hussein, Columbian drug lords, etc.) One of the first things that happens is that you begin to see things from their point of view. You begin to understand why it is both good and necessary to kill people who get in your way, to be ruthless and heartless in governing the masses, etc. In fact, it is this "identification" with the person being viewed which allows you to gain greater access.

In this type of viewing, you can gain and report the actual thoughts, plans and intentions of anyone you choose, but unless your target is someone like Mother Teresa, it is done at a cost to your own inner self. If you return from such a session and fail to properly "detox", you are in danger of having - in effect - Idi Amin going home to your family that night, or some child molester going home to your children. The "detox" process is long and intricate, and cannot be abbreviated without serious consequences. There are no shortcuts.

It is in this area of CRV that you are no longer "playing parlor games". This type of viewing is VERY serious and can have permanent consequences if not done properly. This is not something any experienced, knowledgable, or responsible teacher would try to teach to a beginner who hasn't the experience to safely handle it. I would give the advice to anyone who seeks training anywhere to ask about this matter. If the trainer does teach it before the student is ready, shy away from that trainer. He/she is dangerous.