Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

What Do You"See" In a Session?


......I'm confused about when you view something - do you see it as if you were standing there or when you're in this altered state do you just sort get a feel for what's happening at the site not really seeing anything and I've heard about how people bi-locate and how they're at two places at once. Is that what they mean like when you bi-locate that's when you see, feel, hear, smell, taste everything that's there and is that short lived?


That's a lot of questions. Let me take them one at a time:

Do you see it as if you were standing there?

At the beginning of EVERY session, you get mainly words or very vague concepts... things you would normally tend to ignore completely. As you catch them and write them down, the process of actually acting on those vague impressions tells your subconscious mind that you are listening and will honor what it has to say.

So then, the impressions begin to get sort of like they would be in a daydream - you can see the real world through the visuals, you can tell the difference between your imagined sounds & smells and the real world. But you continue to act on these impressions by writing them down.

Your subconscious mind realizes that you are serious, and it starts feeding you more realistic stuff. At some point, the words fail and the subconscious mind has to start pumping the information to you via the senses. That is when you actually start to feel a roughness or smell a certain smell. It is slight and still vague, but it is now a real thing, and no longer a "daydream" type of impression.

As you continue to pay attention and act on each impression, the "signal" gets stronger and the impressions more real. At some point, it is possible for your conscious mind to start paying so much attention to the signals coming from your subconscious mind that it starts to completely ignore the signals coming from your skin, your ears, nose, etc. You can sometimes enter a sort of "virtual reality" where the things coming from your subconscious appear to be totally real. That is the CRV state of "bilocation".

Now, I'm not saying that this is a process which happens in textbook order and through full completion in every session. It isn't. I have been doing CRV for over 14 years, and MOST of the steps of the process have happened every session - usually in the order described. However, the "bilocation" experience is something which you can't cause to happen. Causing it would be a conscious activity, and it can only happen when the conscious mind is totally out of the way. In all those years, the "bilocation" experience has only happened to me about 9 or 10 times.

Untrained people write to me to be used on a Project, saying that they write down the coordinates and go immediately into "bilocation", and everything is exactly as though they are there, etc. I don't believe it. I think they are fooling themselves. If it is so, they are doing something which is drastically different from CRV, and is probably so undependable as to be unusable in real-world applications. I have tried giving targets to some of these people, and without exception, they have produced very little good stuff, but so much garbage as to be unusable.

Now, that's not to say that they haven't accessed the target... The process of "bilocation", as sexy and dramatic as it may seem to people, is fraught with problems for the viewer. In CRV, the "bilocation" state is actually discouraged because when you begin experiencing the target fully, you are no longer aware of the monitor and pen and paper in front of you. When you finish the experience, all you can do is give the best summary you can come up with. Then, you are dependant on your memory, your biases, etc. - a process which is extremely prone to error and gross misinterpretation.

But to answer your question, the CRVer works progressively from vague, random thoughts, through daydream-type impressions, through very realistic impressions, and can possibly work up to the point where it APPEARS to the viewer that he/she is actually at the target site (CRV is NEVER the same as an out of body experience).

>....when you're in this altered state.....

There is the common fallacy that CRV is like all other forms of parapsychological functioning, but your question points up one major difference: CRV is done in the wide-awake state, not in an "altered state".

>.....and I've heard about how people bi-locate and how they're at two places at once.

Actually, that is only true if you define it that way. In CRV, it is accepted that you are simply "buying into" the virtual reality you have built for yourself, and not that you are actually at the target site. You are physically sitting at the desk doing a session, while (in CRV understanding) only your ATTENTION is focused at the target site. In CRV, it is generally understood that even your mind is located in the room with your body.

>......and is (it) that short lived?

Generally, the "bilocation" experience in CRV is very short-lived. That's especially true if the monitor, whose job it is to keep you from having such an experience, sees what is going on and brings you back out of it. Any monitor worth his/her salt will generally keep it from happening, in the first place.