Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Have You Viewed ________ ?


If this CRV stuff is possible, and a learned talent, and you have folks that have indeed learned remote viewing, why haven't you checked out some of the biggies like who killed Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Hoffa, and stuff like that?


First of all, who says we haven't? Over the past 24 years, we have learned a lot about those things from having worked them as a task, for practice, or just for fun. We have also been able to do some "real-world" feedback to find out how right/wrong we were. But does that mean we need to go around to everyone who will listen, bragging that we know things they don't? For one thing, the fact that we were doing CRV at all was classified, and we couldn't, even if we were boorish enough to want to. Should the earth really care or would it be a different place for one of us knowing what happened to Marilyn, or the identity of Deep Throat? I doubt it. Besides, even if we went out and inflicted what we had learned on the public, finding it with CRV is not considered proof, so all it would do is raise more questions.

There is another thing which is in play now, however. One of the things which we are facing is the public's tendency (mainly because of the press) to turn the phrase "Controlled Remote Viewing" into the word "PSYCHIC!!!!!" - capital letters, exclamation points and all. It gets tossed into a mental compartment with charlatans and that's that. Who's going to take official action on the word of a psychic? We have even given the locations of missing children to police investigators, only to have the information ignored and tossed into the trash (and then later found to be correct), simply because someone in the department commented that it was "...some kind of psychic B.S.". This is one of the reasons we have made the strict policy for P>S>I that if we cannot work WITH or FOR the investigating officer, we don't work the case.

As for publishing or broadcasting the things we find about these "no-feedback" cases - if a CRVer were to write an article for, say, the local paper, explaining CRV, its background, dependability ratings, and track record, then telling what actually happened to Marilyn Monroe or Jimmy Hoffa, the headline would still read, "PSYCHIC TELLS ALL!!" Who needs it?