Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Did Star Gate Use Biofeedback?


I've read about the military using biofeedback or neurofeedback on the trainees to put them in altered states. Is that so?


I hate to burst a lot of people's bubbles, but no matter what you read about that, it didn't happen. We would have loved to have the chance to do some kind of work like that, but you have to remember that we were the military's bastard child. We worked in buildings which had been condemned right after WWII, we used furniture and equipment a lot of which we had gotten from Property Disposal. Our directors used to say with pride that the finance boys loved our unit because two things have to be financed in every unit: the personnel and the equipment. In our unit, the personnel WAS the equipment.

We toyed around with a few brainwave biofeedback machines which unit members had bought on their own, but we never had the kind or quality of equipment which would allow any serious research or work in the field. It just didn't happen.

Now, I know that a lot of people will jump up and yell that they had heard quotes that we had received over $20 million over the life of the project. What you must remember is that there were two sections to the project: the research side at SRI, in California, and the operations side, at Ft. Meade, in Maryland. The quote of $20 million accounts for both sides of the project. You have on the one side, a prestigious scientific team at a world-leadership-ranking think-tank, doing clandestine work in the midst of a huge center of thousands of research projects. That causes a gigantic (and very costly) security problem, demand for the latest lab and computer equipment, humongous salaries, etc. On the other hand, you have a handful of soldiers sitting in a condemned building on an Army base. Who do you think got all the money?

So, to be fair about the answer, I would specifically say that the troops at Ft. Meade were never given the opportunity to train with bio-feedback or neuro-biofeedback. As for the people on the west coast, you'd have to contact them to find out the answer there.