Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Can CRV Be Targeted Against Subspace Beings And UFOs?


You keep saying that CRV is meant for "real-world" targets and keep discounting things like sub-space entities, alternate realities, ETs, and such things as that. But if CRV is so good, why can't it access these things?


While CRV is probably the best tool available for gaining information about extraterrestrials, UFOs, and other questions which don't seem to be answerable by other means, neither P>S>I's training nor normal operations address these things in any way. That is not the fault of CRV, but the result of a policy which P>S>I has to keep ourselves oriented toward "real-world" applications.

Avoidance of this subject during training is not out of disbelief or disapproval, but simply because of the practical fact that there is no feedback. CRV training is grounded in feedback. I don't care how good the teacher thinks he/she is or how many degrees he/she holds (in whatever fields), the student learns by doing the work and comparing the results to the feedback.

Avoidance of this subject during operations is simply because no one tasks us with the stuff. P>S>I's operations are designed toward solving the problems of and gathering information about the "real-world" (this world). I think that CRV is probably as good a method as any other for alien contact, since nothing else seems to work. If hard evidence that such contact is possible ever surfaces, it will very likely either involve CRV or come about as a result of someone's CRV work. Until then, I am much more concerned about gathering information which will find missing children, help diagnose illnesses, etc.

A More Personal Answer:

I firmly believe that there are aliens, but I don't seem to be a part of the ETs' everyday life, and they aren't a part of mine. On a purely personal note, by the way, I also firmly believe that the ETs are physical in form. While I am fully open to the concept of other-dimensional beings and interdimensional travel, when people start talking about sub-space entities suddenly appearing to them (and to them alone, even in a crowd.... "Oh! I can see one now!"), I get the feeling that the person "seeing" them is - how should I say this - well, CRV is a science, but maybe the wrong science... maybe psychiatry could deal with it better.