Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Do You Just See What You Want To See?


On the Art Bell Show, you said, "Viewers tend to see what they want to see. If they live and breath ETs, then that's what they see in everything." If that is so, then how do remote viewers ever get the real information?


The following answer may sound very simplistic, but in actual practice, it is very hard and really requires discipline:

Viewers tend to see what they want to see so in order to see the truth, you have to want to see the truth.

Sound overly simplified? Actually, it is very hard. When you go into a session, you have no idea what the target is going to be. You have to be open for everything life, the world, and human existence can throw at you. There is a rule in remote viewing that says, "Anything you tend to turn your eyes away from, you will tend to turn your mind away from, too." It is one thing to view happy and scenic places, but if you are going to be a viewer who can really do the job, you will have to view some pretty awful things, as well.

In advanced training, when the viewer has already developed his/her remote viewing skills and is now working on honing them, we sometimes give a target such as the dead animal portion of the city dump, or a murder scene, a car wreck, or something like that, in order to train the viewer to see the truth in spite of their fears and/or distaste for the truth. We sometimes simply give a bland target, like the middle of the ocean, or an open field with nothing in it, in order to train the viewer to see the truth, in spite of their desire to go to a "neat" target site. We sometimes target the ugly hovels of poor people in the district of town which is only a block or so away from glitzy and glamorous casinos, with their bright neon lights and attractions. Will the viewer be diverted from the poverty and drawn to the glitz? If so, they need more training and practice - they're not yet willing to see the truth.

In real life, a viewer must enter every session wanting the truth even more than he/she wants to find the missing child alive. The viewer must want the truth more than he/she wants to see a good outcome or the recovery of a loved one to good health. The viewer, not knowing what the target may be, has to go into a session wanting the truth, even if the monitor, for some weird reason, has tasked the viewer to see his/her own death (a dirty trick that has been done by inexperienced monitors and trainers, but is something that no valid, responsible, experienced monitor or trainer should ever do).

When the parents or the police are sitting there, watching the session, wanting you to say something hopeful or enlightening, you have to want the truth more than you want to satisfy their hopes. When the TV camera is there filming you, you have to want the truth more than you want something sensational. When the target is something which is so revulsive to you that you could never even force yourself to think of such a thing, you have to want the truth more than you want to avoid the truth. When you are hoping with every fiber of your being that the ETs will make an appearance on your front lawn, or that they have chosen you as their spokesman, you have to want the truth more than you want the glory.

That's the kind of discipline which is required to get the job done. It isn't easy, and there are a lot of people who call themselves remote viewers, and who even teach others, who want something beside the truth so badly that all they can "see" is what they want to see. That's why they can view a blank and barren desert and "get" pregnant Martian virgins appearing to them out of hidden, underground UFO bases. That's why they can view a comet and "see" hollow spaceships 7 times the size of the earth, filled with billions of lizard people who one viewer "sees" as benevolent and coming here to help us, while another viewer "sees" them coming here to drop canisters of plant pathogens on our crops, and another group of people "sees" them coming here to take them away to a better existence -- when the truth is that it's just a comet - but who wants to see something normal?

Some people will tell you that by strictly following a stringent set of protocols, you will get the truth. That only shows that they don't understand the purpose behind the protocols. The protocols are there to >>>guide<<< your mental processes, not to govern what you will find. If you want to see something which exists only in your own desires or fears or imagination, and you want that more than you want to see the truth, then all the protocols in the world won't keep your mind from doing so.

Bottom line: if you go into remote viewing at all, you have to do it wanting to find one thing more than anything else in the world... you have to want the truth.