Lyn Buchanan's CRV FAQS

Are Children Better At Learning CRV Than Adults?


I have three kids; do you foresee any problems with them being taught CRVing by their dad (along with the requisite training in integrity, of course)?


If their dad isn't, himself, trained in CRV, then yes, I see problems with both that topic and possibly teaching them brain surgery, too.


Is there any data on teaching CRV to children? It seems like they could learn it better than already-ruined adults.


It might surprise you how many adults these days are completely open to the concept of parapsychology, as well as the various methods for evidencing it. In fact, people seem hungry for it, and seem willing to go to almost any lengths to satisfy that hunger. Linda Georgian isn't bringing in millions by accident.

Surprisingly, it seems that many people are closed to the idea of learning to do it themselves. I guess it's part of the American way that we hire things done rather than doing them ourselves. Yet, the outcome of this attitude brings about a surprising result: many people who would never think of taking training in parapsychology are all in favor of their children doing so.

As to the question of how much data has been collected concerning teaching the field of parapsychology to children, there are quite a few people teaching one form or another of parapsychological functioning to children, and having, I hear, very good results. The problem is that "good results" is usually open to interpretation by the person collecting the data. The problem is not that data isn't being collected. The problem is that most of the people doing the collecting are doing so informally, and don't really have a decent background in how to do data collection cleanly and properly. Therefore, a suspected majority of the data being collected is virtually useless, scientifically.

Now... is there any data specifically on training children to perform CRV? Only a miniscule amount. Certainly not enough to be of scientific significance. Due to CRV's military background, there has been no formal training (to include accurate data analysis and record keeping) that I know of to relate children's psi abilities to CRV. The fact that it was only recently released to the public means that no significant body of such data has had time to build up.

Many of the formally trained CRVers have, of course, taught their children on an ad hoc basis, but as for formal training with accurate data analysis and record keeping, they have done almost none at all. Of those ex-military who are teaching, there is secretly some trepidation about teaching other people's children, even with legal papers, since there are so many legal factors to be considered, and since the legal system is so quixotic where parapsychological functioning is concerned.

There are lots of things left for us to do in the development of CRV.