Lyn Buchanan's CRV


This is pronounced "squirrel", and stands for:
STRAY CAT Wrecking Everything, Running LIoose!

This acronym accurately describes the problem. An uncontrolled STRAY CAT first stops the session, then gets into and destroys everything by casting doubts about everything which has been perceived before. The more the viewer tries to stop it, the more pervasive it becomes. Pretty soon, all the viewer's time and energy is taken up trying to trap and control it, and in the process, the viewer does as much - if not more - damage to the session as the STRAY CAT would have done. After (or if) the viewer does get it under control, the moment of victory is shattered by returning to the tasking, only to find a session in shambles. In short, a SCWERL ruins a session, usually beyond repair. The best action to be taken if a SCWERL gets loose in your session is to just end the session and try starting all over again later, if necessary. If the same happens again, then all you can do is tell yourself, "Nobody wins them all - and I just lost that one." Accept your defeat. You have now become like the rest of us.