Lyn Buchanan's CRV


An ideogram is a physical, graphic representation of a basic, or gestaltic concept. It requires extensive training on the part of the viewer, and is very much a martial art. The graphic must be produced as a sort of knee-jerk reaction to a concept which is in the viewer’s subconscious mind. It is trained in much the same manner as any other martial art, through countless physical repetition over years of time, and actually develops as a physical language system, whereby the subconscious mind can use the physical body to convey information to the conscious mind.

To develop an "ideogram language" is developed starting with 7 basic vocabulary words. The words are called out to the viewer student and they make a very simple graphic representation for that work. For example, they may make a wavy line in response to hearing the word, "water".

As their exercise continues, their conscious mind drifts away - just as it does with the young kids in karate classes, and their subconscious mind takes over the making of the movements. Over hundreds or thousands of times, the concept of "water" equates physically to a wavy line. Later, when a viewer is given a coordinate, the subconscious mind can tell the viewer that there is water at the site by the simple drawing of a wavy line. In this manner, the viewer can hear the coordinates read, make an ideogram, and then study it consciously, and as an example, respond, "I don't know what the target is, but it has water, land, and something manmade." From that point, the CRV process has methods for describing the various aspects of the target in order, for example, to tell whether the water is salty, marshy, clear, etc. In this manner, full, detailed descriptions of the target can be obtained.

This communication between the conscious and subconscious minds can be developed into a full language over time so that basically anything in the subconscious mind becomes available to the viewer's conscious mind. The benefits of that go a long way beyond just the ability to remote view.

See also "airogram", "gestalt", and "IAB sequence".