Lyn Buchanan's CRV


After a CRVer is well skilled at handling attractors and distractors, it is possible to "front load" a session telling the viewer what aspect of the target to focus his/her work on. This information must be both general and neutral in nature. The purpose of this is to save the viewer the hours of session time it takes to get "on target". There are rules to this front loading, however, and for the viewer's sake, those rules MUST be strictly observed:

1.The front loading must consist of a very small, previously-determined vocabulary which has been worked out between the viewer and the monitor. The most basic set of front-loading phrases is:

  • "The target is a person. Describe the target."

  • "The target is man-made. Describe the target".

  • "The target is a location. Describe the target."

  • "The target is an event. Describe the event."

  • 2. The frontloading must consist of only neutral words. For example, it would be destructive to tell the viewer, "Yesterday evening, a six-year old girl was gang raped, thrown into the trunk of a car and kidnapped. Describe her present physical and emotional condition." It would be permissible "front-loading", however, to tell a viewer, "The target is a person. Describe the person at the present time."

    3. The monitor must always remember that the purpose of the frontloading is to save the viewer time and work, not to tell the viewer what he/she should find. For example, the above permissible cuing should never be phrased, "Describe whether or not the target person is dead."

    There is a specific format to the frontloading, called "A well-formed question to a psychic". But tradition has developed further subtle meanings within the words used. For example, if you tell the viewer, "The target is an activity. Describe the activity.", the viewer is supposed to focus on and describe only the activity. If, on the other hand, you say, "The target is an activity. Describe the target.", you are telling the viewer to describe the activity and everything associated with it.

    See also, "midloading", "backloading".and "A well-formed question to a psychic".