Lyn Buchanan's CRV


Although Controlled Remote Viewing includes all the senses, there are times when a mental image will form visually. That is, you will actually get a visual picture of the target, or some part of it, or of the STRAY CAT or AOL that you have. There is a trap here which many new and/or inexperienced viewers fall into. The clearer and sharper the visual, the more sense it makes, and the more the viewer wants to believe it. However, research and databasing have shown us that these clear, sharp images actually come from the viewer’s imagination, and not from the subconscious. This is especially true if the clear, sharp images is also static - that is, does not contain any movement. The visual images from the subconscious are almost always moving, very vague and fuzzy, and amorphous in nature. The subconscious thinks more in gestalts and feelings than in actual objects and things, so the visuals you get from it are almost always vague and hard to grab.

Because of this, it is a very good rule that any visual you get which is sharp and clear should be declared as a STRAY CAT. Any visual you get which is fuzzy, hard to understand or make out, moving, and difficult to catch onto should be described as well as possible in the perceptions column(s). Do not try to decide what these visuals are and try to name them. That would be Analytic Overlay.

See also "STRAY CAT" and "AOL".