Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Viewer Track Record

Every viewer has individual strengths and weaknesses, and will view some targets well, and will avoid viewing other targets. Therefore, a viewer track record lets you know a viewer's strengths and weaknesses.

Problems Solutions Innovations strongly advises that all the work of a viewer be evaluated, tested for correctness, and databased in order to provide a complete analysis of that viewer's abilities. In this way, you can see a viewer's progression over time, can use a viewer for what he/she does best, and can know what areas a viewer needs further training and practice in.

Using viewer track records, a project manager can select the viewer which is best for each customer's question, rather than just hoping that a group of viewers will all answer every question well (they never do). Using such a selection of viewers, a project manager can produce project results which are much more accurate than if no track records were used.

Viewer track records also let the viewer know where more work, training and practice are needed to become the best viewer he/she can be.