Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Target or Site

The question of what qualifies as a remote viewing target is often debated on the internet, etc. You will hear psychics say that they only do auras, or people, or health issues, etc. You will hear viewers of other methodologies say that anything can be viewed. I can only speak for Controlled Remote Viewing. Using CRV, the viewer is able to describe all aspects of any location, activity, event, person or object in all of time and space. That seems pretty broad, but CRV was developed for military use, where nothing can be overlooked. A CRVer is also capable of describing more complex (sometimes very highly complex) aspects of those targets, and that makes the CRV process most desirable as an information-collection tool. However, it does have its weaknesses, as well as its strengths.

See also, "midloading", "backloading".and "A well-formed question to a psychic".For example, CRV, like almost every other psychic and viewing methodology, is not very good at getting "alphanumerics" - that is, letters and numbers. While there are "gimmicks" which allow a viewer to get this kind of information, any such information perceived during a CRV session is, by nature, suspect. Such information is evaluated during analysis by looking up the viewer's track record in the database to see how dependable that viewer is with that type of information.

See also, "hard target", "esoteric target".and "viewer track record".