Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Statistical Analysis and Reporting

In statistical analysis and reporting , a viewer's every impression is reported to the customer, irregardless of whether it makes sense, appears to answer the tasking, or not. The customer always knows much more knowledge than the analyst and report writer, and will quite often know what seemingly unrelated information means, as well as its importance. In this type of analysis and reporting, it is neither the analyst's nor the report writer's job to judge the information. It is only important to disect the information in order to match it to the customer's question to which it is most applicable. At the end of the process, the rest of the information is reported under the heading of "other information found was.."

All of the viewer's information gets to the customer, who can then judge everything by his fuller knowledge of the target site or problem.

This method also allows the customer to request the services of one or more particular viewer when re-tasking occurs, or when the customer comes back with another request for viewing.

P.S.I. uses this method of analysis and reporting, exclusively.

See also, "concensus analysis and reporting".