Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Paradoxical tasking

Paradoxical tasking is tasking for information about a future event, with the intent of preventing it. The result of paradoxical tasking is to make the viewer's perceptions wrong. The best way to explain paradoxical tasking is to give an example:

You are asked by the police to describe the location of a criminal at 9PM. You describe Joe’s Bar and Grill. At 8PM, the police arrive there and hide in the bushes to be prepared to catch the criminal when he arrives. At 8:30, the criminal arrives and is apprehended on the spot. At 9PM, the criminal is in jail. Everyone is satisfied that you have done your job. Thanks to you, the criminal was caught. However, your subconscious mind isn't happy over the turn of events. It was made to be wrong. The criminal was not at Joe's Bar and Grill at 9PM. He was in jail.

It is logical to assume that the subconscious mind would have foreseen this and given a description of the criminal's 9PM location as a jail cell. However, if the subconscious mind had given that as a location, the police would not have known to go to Joe's Bar and Grill, would not have apprehended the criminal, and the criminal's 9PM location would not be the jail cell, but would, instead, have been the bar. Either way the subconscious mind performed, it was destined to be wrong. The subconscious mind does not take these things lightly. Many taskings of this sort, and it will begin to refuse to work under such circumstances. After that, the viewer only produces garbage in any situation where paradoxical tasking might occur again. Paradoxical tasking can ruin your viewers.

The solution to paradoxical tasking is simple: change the tasking in such a way that it will not cause a paradox. For example, in the above case, the tasking could have been changed to:

"The target is the location where the police will be able to catch the criminal, if they act tonight."

The frontloading which would then be given to the viewer would be:

"The target is a location. Describe the location."