Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Neutral wording

The actual wording of the tasking may have emotional, political, or other overtones which would lead the Viewer to erroneous perceptions. The process of re-wording tasking correctly is a much harder job than was originally thought. The project personnel must work together to make certain that all wording used in the CRV session is "neutral" of such overtones and hidden burdens for the viewer.

Loaded: "criminal" Neutral: "person"
Loaded: "stripper" Neutral: "person"
Loaded: "child" Neutral: "person"
Loaded: "car wreck" Neutral: "event"
Loaded: "search & rescue" Neutral: "activity"

When a viewer is working without a support team, he/she is always subjected to pollution from the customer, in terms of the customer's preconceived notions, fears, desires, logic, imagination, etc. When a viewer works alone, the pollution-free environment of "neutral wording" is hopelessly lost.