Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Move command

A viewer will almost always focus in on one part of the target site. Therefore, it often becomes necessary to move the viewer around the site in order to get a wider range of information. This is done with a "move command".

The move command is given by the monitor in the format of a "well-formed question to a psychic" (see definition elsewhere). That is, the viewer's subconscious mind is given a command to move about the site, and then the viewer's conscious mind is asked to do some job, present tense.

"Move 500 feet above the target. Now describe what you see."
"Move 3 minutes forward in time. Tell what is happening now."
"Move to the manmade (if the viewer has said there is one) and describe what you see."
"Move to the activity and describe what is going on now."

See also, "action cues" and "well-formed question to a psychic".