Lyn Buchanan's CRV


A Controlled Remote Viewer learns to allow his/her body to be the "translator" between the conscious and sub-conscious minds. The "knee jerk" reactions of the ideogram are trained and practiced. Things the subconscious mind picks up with its psychic sense are translated by the body into the five physical senses and the sense of ambience in order to convey its information to the conscious mind.

It should not be surprising that the highly intelligent subconscoius mind sends some very complex messages, some of which are so subtle that the conscious mind misses them. These are collectively called "micromovements". Micromovements in CRV come in two categories - the natural ones, like blushing when one is embarrassed or sweating when one is nervous, and "CRV micormoeements", which are trained into the viewer just like the larger movements of ideograms, etc.

For a fuller explanation of each, see "Natural micromovements" and "CRV micromovements:.