Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Magic words

Magic words are special, reserved words which, by agreement, will signal non-perception (non-viewing) aspects of the session, and will have no other use.. The definition of magic words are best shown with examples:

When a viewer is setting aside any problems (POCAs and POCDs, for example), there may come a time when he/she does not want to write the problem down for all the world to see. Such things as menstrual cycle difficulties, other physical problems, personal problems with the monitor or administration, etc. At such times, the viewer is allowed to write the word "YES" under the set asides. It is commonly understood that no one has the right to ask the viewer what that means or stands for. It is an acknowledged private set aside, for the viewer alone to know about.

Another example of a magic word is the word, "MOVE". Any time the monitor uses the word "Move", it signals that the viewer is being given a "move command" to move from one area or aspect of the target site to another. The viewer, on hearing that word, automatically stops viewing and writes the move command down in order to record the monitorís directions. This is important so the monitor, viewer, and analyst all have a written record of where the viewer is at the site, at any time throughout the session. Even when the monitor instructs the viewer to get a new page, the monitor says, "Go to the next page", not "Move to the next page".