Lyn Buchanan's CRV

MMT: Massive Multiple Tasking

For the great majority of viewers, no more than a single tasking question should be given for each session. If any other information is found which answers any of the other tasked questions, the analyst can note it and place it into the proper place in the final report.

MMT is a tendency of almost every tasker. They want to have the answer to every possible question, every possible ramification of those questions, etc

EXAMPLE: "Will the (expected event) happen during the span of this year or next, and, if it does happen at all, when and where will the major indicators occur leading up to it, and who will be the people involved? Give any names and descriptions you can get. If it doesn't happen, what factors will contribute to it not happening, and what else will happen in its place?"

When tasking like that is received from a customer, three steps are required:

1. Separate the tasking into single, intelligent questions and weed out the questions which are either superfluous or which should be answered by some other means than controlled remote viewing.

2. Call the customer and check your revisions with them. See how many of the questions you can get rid of. See if the tasker actually knew what question he wanted to ask, in the first place. Then, educate him to what tasking style is needed in the future. If he refuses to comply, do not take tasking from him again.

3. If you still wind up with multiple questions, rank them as to which are most important (check this with the customer) and make a logical session work schedule, in order to give each CRVer only one question per session. If, in the course of any one session, other questions than the one tasked for that session become answered, delete those questions from the viewer's work schedule.