Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Getting information from the data

A database is a computer program which allows you to record randomly gathered bits of information as they happen. Once entered, the individual bits of information are compared, contrasted, collectively organized, sorted and studied to gain overall information about the subject at hand. For example, if George's session scores are collected and entered each time a session is graded, the information may be as follows:

Week 1> 8784936582
Week 28488897381
Week 38583917083

What might seem like a jumble of numbers, when massaged by a database program gives accurate information about a viewer's work habits. In the example above, the viewer may feel bad on Monday mornings and feel that his worst work is done on Mondays, the database will show that his worst day is actually Thursday and his best day is Wednesday. Data collected into a database program can be utilized to analyze and better understand the confusion of information which occurs with normal work.