Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Esoteric target

An esoteric target is one which neither has nor will have foreseeable concrete feedback for scoring the session. These are such targets as civilizations or cultures on planets in other galaxies, whether Jesus had a mustache or not, the location of the Ark of the Covenant, alternate-universe entities, a dead personís real feelings about some present or historical event, and so on. Such targets may be fun, but are useless for the four modes of remote viewing, "research", "training", "practice", and "operations". Therefore, while they may be used as some sort of recreational target, P>S>I never uses them in any aspect of its work

Many trainers teach, and many people believe, that if a number of viewers find the same results for an esoteric target, then it mut be true. Not so. There is a thing called, "etlepathic overlay", in which one person's session on a target will actually influence the findings of another viewer's session on the same target - even if the two never meet. This is a very common phenomenon, so, a concensus of findings cannot be taken as proof of accuracy.

However, there actually is a way one can have a "reliability factor" for an individual viewer's work,and that "reliability factor" can figure into the process of evaluating esoteric target sessions.

IF the viewer's sessions on hard targets have been databased correctly, you can look into the database for that viewer's track record for such perceptions, say, as shapes. Let's say that over hundreds of sessions, the viewer has only gotten shape perceptions correct 10% of the time. You shouldn't put any faith in that viewer's shape perceptions for an esoteric target. But, if the viewer's track record shows that he/she has gotten shape perceptions correct 95% of the time, then you could have a good amount of faith in any shape perceptions gained about an esoteric target. HOW THE SESSION FELT IS NO DETERMANENT OF ACCURACY! Only a databased track record of that viewer's work can be used to gain a reliability factor on any impression gained in a session on an esoteric target.

See also, "target or site", "hard target", viewer track record", "neighbor's cat", and Telepathic overlay".