Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Database management

The proper database management for training and analysis of the CRVer's work should include at least the following information fields:

  • Viewer's name: This can be the CRVer's name, some identifying number, or whatever is necessary to show which viewer did the work in any one session.
    Example: VIEWER: Blow, Joe

  • Session: This should, as a minimum, include fields for the date, time started, and time ended.

  • Target: This can be the name of the target, a project number, a complete, exhaustively detailed description, or whatever is deemed necessary for record keeping purposes. The main point is that this field should identify the target site in some way.
    Example: TARGET: Project # 1234

  • Findings: This should consist of a number of fields which separate the categories of work you will be performing, to include many basic information categories. Tracking information in categories will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. For example, many people are good at getting information on colors, textures, etc., but very poor at getting information in other categories, such as smells, sounds, etc

  • . NOTE: for a discussion of how to translate raw information into data, see the Viewers' and Monitors' manuals.

    There are proponents (and I am one of them) for the keeping of more information than these bare essentials. Some of the proposed other fields are:
    Length of session
    How the viewer felt that day
    Weather conditions
    Sidereal time
    Biorhythm ratings
    Types & lengths of breaks (& where they came in the session)