Lyn Buchanan's CRV


In CRV, the viewer begins his actual session with a set of numbers or letter/number groupings which will stand for the target. This allows the viewer to begin his/her work in a mental condition which is not pre-polluted by his/her imagination, logic, stereotypes, etc.

The number groupings are called "coordinates" because Ingo Swann, who developed CRV, used actual geographic coordinates for this purpose. Once the technology moved over to military and governmental usage, it was not always possible to give the geographical coordinates (for instance, of a hostage), because they were not always known. Therefore, either random numbers or "structured" coordinates were used.

A coordinate must have no direct meaning related to the target, itself. Such a coordinate would tell the viewer something about the target, and would, therefore, pollute the session.

Problems Solutions Innovations uses a structured coordinate system rather than random numbers. There are several reasons for this. First, random numbers can accidentally repeat, and thereby have the same coordinates for two or more different targets. Secondly, random numbers are not really useful for databasing the session data. Coordinates which will never repeat and which have structural data can be used as an aid in databasing.

The coordinate system used by Problems Solutions Innovations uses two 6-digit numbers, according to the traditional style begun by Ingo Swann. They are structured by the following pattern:

For training and practice mode targets:

99=A session done in 1999
04=Done in April
12=on the 12th day of the month.
018=This session performed by viewer #018
03=This is the 3rd session for viewer 018 today
1=This is the first time the viewer has worked this target today

For operational mode targets:

29=The type of project (project types are divided into 99 categories).
04 =Done in 2004
12=This is the 12th target of this type done by PSI in the year
018=This session performed by viewer #018
03=This is the customer's 3rd question
1=This is the first time the viewer has worked this specific question.

As you can see, the information contained in the numbers will not tell the viewer anything at all about the target. This structured coordinate numbering system, just like random numbers, will get the viewer kick-started on his session, and therefore works just as well as geographic coordinates. In reality, it has much less pollution, since a viewer will unconsciously know that geographic coordinates which are further north or south are colder, etc. Over hundreds of sessions, a viewer will also unconsciously realize the longitudinal areas of ocean, Europe, Asia, the Americas, etc.