Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Controlled Remote Viewer (CRVer)

Perhaps the best way to define a CRVer is to tell what one does. The CRVer (one who works for P>S>I, at least) receives tasking to find out some information which cannot be gained through normal means. Then, in a completely controlled environment, through a combined process of mental concentration and scientific, organized work habits, he brings the information from the source to the tasker in as unpolluted and accurate a condition as possible. In effect, he provides an eye witness account via mental and physical means. The tasked site may be hundreds of miles away or years removed into the past or future. He can, for example, be assigned to witness a crime for which the police have no other witnesses. He can witness and describe places so inaccessible or so hostile that no other form of data collection is possible. In the most extreme example, he can enter a guarded building, pass beyond bolted doors, and search locked file cabinets to read papers no one is supposed to see... all without tripping alarms, being spotted by guards or dogs, or featured on closed-circuit TV. He can then report back without leaving a single trace that security has been compromised in any way. He can see into the body of a child in Manila, to aid in a medical diagnosis there. An hour later, he can peer below the surface of the Sahara to aid an archeologist in the search for Mankind's history.

Most people who believe that parapsychological functioning is possible also feel that the talent is held only by seers, shamans, spiritual mediums, or other "gifted" individuals. Experience indicates otherwise. The talent appears to be nothing more than a natural ability which probably served primitive Man as a means of self-protection. Proper scientific training is able to make the most of whatever vestigial amount lies dormant within each person. That is true for even the most non-paranormally-oriented man or woman on the street. In fact, a person who dives wholly into the mystic or occult is prone to accept anything without scientific method or empirical proof. As a result, he/she appears to have less of a chance to acquire a logical, structured mastery of the ability than the average person who is more grounded in reality. Like playing the piano, very few have its mastery as a natural gift. Most of us, however, can take what ability we do have and develop it. For most of us, mastery of the skill requires proper training and lots of disciplined practice. Like in all other areas of life, the person who has less talent and strives hard to master the art will usually perform with a higher degree of precision than the person who has the natural talent, but no discipline or training. The training which P>S>I provides is directed at the development of a normal person's latent remote viewing potential, rather than seeking natural "super stars".

CAVEAT: The person who is interested ONLY in inner self-improvement or gaining "a soul-link to the universe" can undoubtedly gain a great deal by learning controlled remote viewing. P>S>I, however, is not the place to train. P>S>I is dedicated to developing and providing trained, qualified CRVers who are willing to put their skills to work in such areas as finding abducted children, aiding in the advancement of science and the healing arts, acquiring otherwise-inaccessible information for investigative and other information-acquisition agencies, and in providing actual, concrete help in areas where no other help exists. The "targets" used by P>S>I are concrete in nature, providing provable feedback to aid the student in the learning process. No etherial, mystic, or unprovable targets are used. P>S>I does not train students to "achieve other planes of existence", contact extraterrestrials, "sub-space entities", spirit guides, or to "develop inner awareness of their own chakras, "spirit-energies", "inner wellsprings of eternal Oneness", etc., ad infinitum. The P>S>I definition of a "controlled remote viewer", then, is much more specific and down-to-earth than the much more generic and less meaningful term, "remote viewer".

While training to be a controlled remote viewer does expand a person's awareness and sensitivity and will change a person's life for the better, when used for these purposes alone, it has been likened to joining the Marines just to learn how to fold your underwear. There are much quicker and easier ways to achieve a sense of Nirvana than to go through the rigors of CRV training.