Lyn Buchanan's CRV

CAT chasing its tail

This is a "wrapped around the axle" situation where a viewer gets an impression and has a fleeting thought of, "No, that's probably a STRAY CAT" (or AOL), then a contradictory thought or feeling of, "No… it felt like a valid impression." A mental tug-of-war ensues in which the viewer's attention is drawn away from the viewing to making a decision of whether the perception is real or not, where to write it down, etc. Pretty soon, the decision, itself, becomes the distractor, oblivious to the task around it. There is only one way to break this hypnotic situation: the viewer must be verbally reminded, either by the monitor or by him/herself:

"Just write it down anywhere and get on with the session."

Usually, when the viewer gets mentally locked into this situation, the responsibility for giving this reminder falls to the monitor. Therefore, the monitor must be ever watchful for this situation because the viewer is usually mentally locked up in the struggle and does not verbalize it. (It happens a lot). If this condition is not stopped, the "CAT chasing its tail" can worsen and become either "castle building" or a condition called a "SCWERL"

See also, "AOL", "STRAY CAT","castle building",and "SCWERL".