Controlled Remote Viewing

across time & space

Excerpt From The Foreword By Jim Marrs

In the early 1990s, I stumbled across what well might be the most profound story in human history, yet even today most Americans remain unaware of it.

When I found that the United States Army was teaching military intelligence officers how to psychically spy on the Soviets and others, my journalist hackles were raised. I knew I was onto a good story. In my skeptical mind it was an either-or situation—either remote viewing was not real, in which case this program was a giant fraud on the taxpayers and hence a good news story, or remote viewing was real, in which case it might represent a quantum leap in the evolution of humankind and hence a great news story, perhaps one of the greatest ever.

I researched the subject for three years as carefully as I could, considering it was still a secret government program. I interviewed several members of the GRILL FLAME/STAR GATE remote viewing unit as well as members of oversight committees and the scientists who developed the technology. To my amazement I found it was all true. Not only can humans perceive apart from the usual five senses, but this perception is limited by neither time nor space.

The story of remote viewing has got to be one of the most underreported stories of the past century. What once was one of our government's most closely guarded secrets now has filtered into certain aware segments of the public where it continues to attract growing fascination and interest.

Today I am most pleased to see Lyn's story now available to the public. As he points out, the complete and factual story of remote viewing may never be known, as everyone involved in this secret program knows only what they saw, heard, and experienced. Everyone has a different perspective.

But Lyn was there during most of the program's life and not simply as a remote viewer, but as the man selected to train the army's psychic spies and to keep the data on the entire project.

No one is more qualified to tell the story of the operational use of remote viewing than Lyn Buchanan.

        - - Jim Marrs

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